Basic Lip Balm (00-Clear) 基礎潤唇膏(00-透明原色)

Basic Lip Balm (00-Clear) 基礎潤唇膏(00-透明原色)

  • 成份 Ingredients

    荷荷巴油、植物角鯊稀、玫瑰果油、乳木果脂、可可脂、蜂蠟、小燭樹蠟、棕櫚蠟、橙花蠟、苦橙葉精油、甜橙精油、維他命E、妝品級色粉Jojoba Oil, Squalene, Rose Hip Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Beewax, Candelilla Wax, Palm Wax, Orange Blossom Wax, VitaminE Oil, Lip Safe Pigment, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Petitgrain Bigarde Essential Oil

  • 安全 Safety


    Our skincare products are made by premium quality plant based raw material. But natural does not equal safe,peanut and milk are natural but still, they can cause serious allergy. Therefore, for sensitive skin, please use after local test without irritating outcome. In case of uncomfortable, please stop using.